Local Strolls

For a city neighborhood of approximately one square mile, Charlestown has varied terrain for walking, running, and other activities! We are lucky to have waterfront, grassy parks, steep and not-so-steep hills, flatlands, gardens, harbors, and of course, 292 steps to the top of the Bunker Hill Monument. Whether you are a seasoned athlete, or interested in starting to exercise with a walking program, you don’t have to leave Charlestown to get moving! Get to know your neighborhood better by following our Local Strolls! We’ll start most of our strolls at the Bunker Hill Monument or from the Charlestown Healthcare Center, at 73 High Street, across from the Boys and Girls Club. 

Our first stroll: Bunker Hill Monument to Old Ironsides. 1 mile
Meet on the steps of the monument. Pick up the Freedom Trail and follow it down High St. Walk along the north edge of the Training Field, then turn right on Chestnut and sneak through the tunnel under the Tobin Bridge. Turn left into the Navy Yard on 1st or 2nd Ave and take an up close look at Old Ironsides, who is currently in dry dock. When you reach 8th St, turn left, and sneak back under the Tobin. You'll walk straight when you reach the other side, which is now Tremont St. When you reach Monument Square, turn left and walk around the block to where you began on the steps!  Congratulations! You've just marched one mile!





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