Farmer's Markets Open Today!

This summer, shop for your your vegetables, fruits, greens, and herbs at one of two farmer's markets in Charlestown. Farmer's markets are an affordable way to add color and variety (and nutrients!) to your meals. Produce is healthy, fresh (often picked just that morning), and local. You can taste the difference!

When you visit the markets, talk to the farmers about how they grow their produce and ask for tips on preparing it. Try a new fruit or vegetable every week! Good food has a way of bringing people bring your kids, join your friends, and meet your neighbors. 

Both markets operate on Wednesdays. For more information, click on these links to the markets:

The Fresh Truck Mobile Market is another great option for fresh and healthy food.
This school bus-turned-market has a weekly market stop every Tuesday from 4:00-7:00 PM at:
Charlestown Boys and Girls Club, 50 High St. (see attached flyers in English & Spanish)

Be well!

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