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For a city neighborhood of approximately one square mile, Charlestown has varied terrain for walking, running, and other activities! We are lucky to have waterfront, grassy parks, steep and not-so-steep hills, flatlands, gardens, harbors, and of course, 292 steps to the top of the Bunker Hill Monument. Whether you are a seasoned athlete, or interested in starting to exercise with a walking program, you don’t have to leave Charlestown to get moving! Get to know your neighborhood better by following our Local Strolls!

Healthy Charlestown

"Be Well" Mission

MyCharlestown’s "Be Well" feature aims to connect, inform, and engage you in your own health. In partnership with the MGH Charlestown Healthcare Center, we will post information on health & wellness topics, ideas for walks around town, exercises you can do at home, seasonal wellness tips, recipes & cooking ideas, and more.




How to Master the Basics of Healthy Living

By Mike Bento

In health and fitness, the big picture often gets blurred by minor details. With fitness information and marketing so widespread, it’s no surprise that many people who exercise regularly (or want to!) get bogged down by questions like: What are the most effective exercises for sculpted shoulders? What are the best foods to eat to reduce belly fat?

This information overload and focus on the specifics can result in you doing nothing! But being healthy doesn't have to be hard.

Colorectal Cancer month

Colorectal cancer is cancer of the large intestine (also called the colon or the bowel). It is the second leading cause of death from cancer in the US, and most often found in people age 50 and older. Men and women have the same risk and it affects all racial and ethnic groups. You may be at higher risk if you are African American, smoke, or have a family history of colorectal cancer.

Quick Workout at Home

When the weather turns cold and snowy and you’re cooped up indoors, you can still get some exercise, even if you don’t have gym equipment at home. All you need for a cold weather workout is a little space and 10 to 15 minutes.

Try these exercises for a full body workout that works major muscles, core stability and raises your heart rate. Do all four exercises in this series. Rest for a minute and repeat three times.

American Heart Month

Heart disease is the #1 one cause of death in our nation, responsible for in 1 in 4 deaths. It is not just one disease, but a range of conditions that affect your heart, including blood vessel diseases, heart rhythm problems, and heart defects that are present at birth.

But there is some good news! Many forms of heart disease can be prevented when you make healthy choices that lower your risks. Good choices can also help you manage existing health conditions. Even small changes can make a big difference. To lower your risk, consider improving your lifestyle behaviors and:

Fitness: Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Specific

By Mike Bento

I'm not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions because they generally don’t work. Each January, people promise themselves that they will do something really positive in the new year — like lose 20 pounds in 2017. That seems simple, but it encompasses many potential challenges that can become unmanageable.


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